Opposition spokesman for education alleges mould present at C.W. Sawyer

Opposition spokesman for education alleges mould present at C.W. Sawyer
Michel Darville.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Another group of public school teachers are threatening to strike following allegations of mould in classrooms.

According to a press statement issued Monday by Opposition Spokesman for Education Senator Michael Darville, faculty and staff at the C.W. Sawyer Primary School have claimed that mould has taken over the institution.

Darville claimed that teachers are suffering from respiratory complications as a result of mould exposure, which has resulted in them taking a leave of absence from the government-run facility.

“Teachers have expressed that the campus is an unsuitable environment for learning, students, and teachers,” said Darville.

“In addition to this, it is also alleged that the physical condition of the school is deteriorating.

“Staff members have lodged a complaint that its structures are dilapidated and they are fearful that one day the building will collapse.

“More distressing, it is reported that there is a suspected sinkhole beneath the building that hosts classes for fourth graders.”

According to Darville, these concerns were previously and officially reported to the school’s principal and district superintendent, however, there has been no corrective action to date, to remediate the school’s crisis.

Senator Darville, therefore, urged ministry officials to appropriately address this concern which he said jeopardizes the welfare of both students and teachers.

Up to post time last night, attempts to reach Minister of Education Jeff Lloyd for comment proved fruitless.


This story was written Matthew Moxey – Eyewitness News Online Intern