Opposition slams govt. for walking back tax for the rich

Opposition slams govt. for walking back tax for the rich

The Opposition blasted the government’s reconsideration of an increase in real property tax for second homeowners following a threatening letter from the Lyford Cay Homeowners Association.

The government said it now intends to make the change to the legislation upon its return to the House of Assembly (HOA) next month.

The Opposition, in a recent statement said, the pending change showed once again, how incompetent the Free National Movement (FNM) government really is.

The release added that no amount of “mumbling, obfuscation and double talk” can hide this. And according to Opposition members, it also provides a stark contrast between how rapidly the FNM responds to the cries of Bahamians compared to their response to a moneyed few.

The release said the so-called “people’s time” government has shown that in just 15 short months, that they do not have the interest of the Bahamian people and the nation at heart and the “people’s time” election slogan has been proven to be just that: “An empty promise, which the FNM has no intention of honouring.”