Opposition lambasts PM following nat’l address

Opposition lambasts PM following nat’l address
Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Just minutes following his address to the nation on Monday night,

Opposition leader Philip Brave Davis lambasted Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, referring to his address as a “travesty”.

In a statement released on Monday night, Davis said the prime minister, after twenty months in office, must surely know that he cannot simply pronounce something as truth when it is clearly false.

“You have fallen short,” Davis said in his issued statement.

He added that the nation’s chief must have stapled together every piece of paper he could,  to make the government look ‘busy’.

“It’s the kind of thing that children do when the teacher walks into class, but nothing that he said tonight [on Monday] can hide the fact that his government is failing,” Davis said.

The opposition leader said some of what was promoted by the prime minister as successes are simply processes.

“For example, we hardly need a plan to clean up Bay Street. It simply needs to be done. Just clean it up!” Davis advised.

He also outlined in his statement that he wanted to isolate the prime minister’s claim of unemployment being down on Grand Bahama.  Davis said this claim was yet another example of a selective story that bore no match to reality.

“The reality on the ground is that after 24 months, the FNM has made things worse in Grand Bahama. Just ask the people of Grand Bahama if unemployment is down.

“In any event, the figures show that unemployment is up in the country at large. This is simply breathtaking and inexcusable.

“It is due to the ruinous stop, review and cancel mantra of the FNM and Prime Minister Minnis.”

Davis said this ruinous policy represents an existential threat to the Bahamian people.

“How can you fire thousands of people, hire your cronies, then claim that unemployment is down,” Davis asked.

The opposition leader said suffice it to say, the prime minister and his administration have been a disaster for this country.

“The facts show it,” he said.

“Everything is going in the wrong direction. Most of all, there is no feel-good factor in the country for him and the FNM. The misery index is up in The Bahamas. The Prime Minister confirmed why he has failed. The pity is he just doesn’t get it.”

Meanwhile, Davis said if in power, a PLP administration would have announced that a new  airport had started in Exuma; they would have repaired the Black Point All-Age school in Exuma as well as its clinic, and they would have so far announced a buyer and operator for the  Grand Lucayan Hotel in Grand Bahama, complete with supporting airlift.

“Further, Ragged Island would be well on its way to being back on its feet again [and]the construction of a new runway at the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) would be well underway,” Davis said.

“The PLP would have said something to give people hope in other words.”