OPINION: Widening the divide

OPINION: Widening the divide

How long are we going to continue to denigrate each other, destroy people’s character and indulge in the worst sewer type comments? Why? Is there really anything to gain at the end of the day?

The term corruption being placed on one party or the next is not healthy for the psyche of a country. We are a closely knitted family country, everyone is related to everyone in many ways.

Many families are intertwined, and we would be stunned who are our real fathers. We are all mixed up. So we must be cognisant who we talk about and to whom because we do not know who is related to whom.

We have seen the “talking points” of the Free Nationa Movement (FNM) in the last election pinned corruption on the outgoing party.  But no one in the FNM bothered to look in their recent past and revived that a former candidate was arrested, charged and sentenced for corruption. Yet they would want the public to believe that the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) was corrupt and not the FNM. Amnesia has set in and taken root.

The much talked about Road Improvement Programme saw the cost ballooned from $400 million to $500 million, with no sensible explanation as to where $100 million disappeared to, which smells rank of corruption.  But I guess the colour of the skin would determine if a crime was committed or not. No investigation was done, no arrest and no one charged. “That went just like that”.

Yet we continue to drive a wedge between the people from over the hill being policed, harassed and have their character assassinated while the people of a lighter hue, cut all kind of deals to the detriment of the less fortunate and “not a dog say bow”.

So since there are no angels in all of this, it would be wise for us to look feverishly for things that unite us more than otherwise.  This country is wounded, and if it continues, would soon be on “life support”.

This constant propaganda that caused us to hate, will soon mushroom into an epidemic that we may not recover from, thus destroying the country where no one can benefit.

Greed has played a big role in all of this. A few families have decided that they are going to have it all and no one from over the hill deserves the crumbs.

The playing field is not levelled!

Unless and until we move away from that game plan, we would hasten our deterioration.

I strongly suggest that all efforts must be made immediately to open the economy so that the small man from over the hill can begin to see some indication that there is hope, otherwise, “dog eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner”.

As long as greed is higher than compassion, there will always be suffering.


Ivoine W. Ingraham

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