OPINION: Why worry about Brave’s frequent flyer miles?

OPINION: Why worry about Brave’s frequent flyer miles?
Leader of the Opposition, Philip Davis.

The Bahamas’ thrives on its favourite past time, gossip, bad news and I dare say fake news.  They run to their groups and, without substantiating their juicy news, they repeat it. But what is so sad, the gullible populace believe garbage, without pause.

The propaganda that the government is sending out about Philip Brave Davis leader of the opposition’s inability to travel, should have worn itself out by now.  It’s nauseating. But no, it is so insatiable that every so often it rears its ugly head.

There are some things that do not need defending but exposing how foolish many of us are who cannot wait to celebrate someone’s misfortune if it exists.

Why do we, do cartwheels when others are having a bad day.  Why do we “make sport” of people.  This must only bring comfort to a person with the lowest self-esteem and absolutely no self-respect.

Losers gossip and absolute fools believe the gossip.

Those of us who have very little happening with us of any consequence, do all we can to bring people we don’t like down to our level if we could.

I would offer my unsolicited advice, instead of worrying about the leader of the opposition’s “frequent flying mileage” we would do better if we could find things to lift our own spirits and cleaning up our communities.

Mr. Davis is busy, he has much work to do, let him continue because you will benefit, one way or the other, sooner than later.

What is so sad is that too many of us are unashamed to called fools.

Who the cap fit, let them wear it.


Ivoine W. Ingraham

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