OPINION: What did the seven FNM rebels see?

OPINION: What did the seven FNM rebels see?
Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

Not so long ago the FNM displayed exactly what kind of prime minister we would get if self-imposed The Highest Most Honourable Hubert Alexander Minnis was given the reigns of power.

The seven rebels, or that is what Minnis called them, saw something glaring from the inside of the Free National Movement (FNM) that they could not risk giving their party to Minnis, much less the country.

History has already said that the majority of his own colleagues decided that they could not support his leadership or lack thereof.

But in two separate attempts, after much machinations, and trickery from former leaders, dissidents of old, the monied people i.e. Lyford Cay, the Eastern Road and the movers and shakers of the party, they jived and connived until Minnis was leader and the country was plunged into the mess we now have today.

Thousands have been fired by this government.  Ministers celebrated and even said how happy they were. Taxes were raised 60 per cent and heaped on the backs of the poor.

Minnis hollered about democracy when the infamous seven, called trump in their card game. But this same man today has plucked all of the feathers out of democracy and left it as a scalded chicken.

Confucius said, “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance”.

Today, members of his party are being dragged over the coals and threatened to be “tarred and feathered” for attempting to have an opinion that did not fall in line with the party’s message.

The now “Disenchanted Four” has been targeted, so much so, that no less a person than dinosaur Maurice Moore, of all people, is schooling them how to be a team player.

Amnesia is one of the definite ailments that we all will experience in our later days, but deep in his forgetfulness, he must try his hardest to recall his behaviour when he and seven others left the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).  Taking about selective memory.

Democracy never lived in the Bahamas, because there is something called the party whip, I wonder what that mean. Honesty does not live in party politics, but some parties allow dissension more than others.

Finally, I applaud the “Disenchanted Four”. If they allow the mercenaries in the FNM to frighten them from being men, their political life is over.

On the other hand, if they believe in their hearts that what they are doing is right and in the best interest of the people who elected them, then stand, even if they stand alone.

“The only way to vanquish cowardice is to brandish courage.” – Charles M. Blow

The country knows who the men in the FNM are. We see them when it is time to vote in parliament, we see the cowards and we see who are singing for their supper. We could tell who is reading what they write or are being used.  We know the level of ability and disability. It is simply pathetic to watch.

How could they look their spouses in the face, and what do they say to their children afterwards?

“At times it is what we do not say, or not saying a thing, that says a lot about us.”

“Proximity to power has an unsurprising ability to mutate a politician’s spinal cord into bright yellow jelly.”

They have no shame

Remember this, “What goes around, comes across!”


Ivoine W. Ingraham

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