OPINION: What about that sweet Clifton LNG deal?

OPINION: What about that sweet Clifton LNG deal?
Dear Editor,
So the Public Accounts Committee is going to probe the Oban deal… good. While they are at it, why don’t they look into that sweetheart deal at Clifton, where Shell, the company that already makes a killing providing fuel to run BEC’s generators, is now getting permission to build another power plant and make even more money?
The PAC should ask whether the fact that several senior FNM’s have a major stake in Shell Bahamas played a part in the granting of this contract. Shell was not the only bidder for an LNG facility, which they are going to build in a heavily polluted area right near some traditional communities. Clifton needs serious environmental intervention and clean-up for the health and safety of the surrounding residents, not another industrial plant.
If you look at who will benefit, it raises some serious questions about the reasons behind this arrangement. Is it a case of ‘friends, family and lovers’ as the saying goes? PAC chairman, please add this to your list of questionable deals that we need to get to the bottom of for the good of the Bahamian public.
Kind regards,
Ricardo Johnson
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