OPINION: The FNM kettle is whistling

OPINION: The FNM kettle is whistling
Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and this Cabinet walk to the House of Assembly.

No one could tell me that The Bahamas would return to the kind of oppression and downright suffocation that we are experiencing today. The systematic strangling of the economy by the Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest under the watchful eyes of Dr. Hubert Alexander Minnis is astounding to put it very mild.


Absolutely everything is “going to hell in a hand-basket”. What is humorous though, is that those who brag about being “graduated” cannot find the deceptive words to steer Bahamians from seeing for themselves that the sky has actually fallen. No manipulation of words would suffice. 


Bahamians are not fools.


The consistent policies that are specifically designed to bring hardship on the masses cannot be a mistake over and over again.  It is no secret who is advising Minnis and Turnquest.


Take note on the careful exclusion of Bahamians in the domestic field.  While Bahamians are looking for jobs, the employment agency out of Lyford Cay can bring in as many Philippines as they wish, no red tape.


Now the Government, under the mysterious gamesmanship of government, has decided to make sure no Bahamian from over the hill celebrates this Christmas with lights.  We can be certain that thousands if not more will be in darkness because of the asininity of the decision makers to confuse to use generators instead of solar or otherwise.


It is safe to say that something smells really fishy here. It was almost impossible to explain how while old is cheaper, the surcharge is greater. Who is benefiting from the rise in cost?  Who is securing their future on the backs of the suffering Bahamian people from Bain Town, Centreville, Englerston, Kemp Road, Ridgeland Park, Pinewood, Carmichael Road, Yellow Garden, Kennedy Subdivision, Nassau Village, Fox Hill, Elizabeth Estate, The Valley, Adelaide, Gambier, Delaporte, Farm Road and Coconut Grove.


Now that you have angered all of the people, we hope that the same people who advised you to do this will also tell what happened when they tried it before.


The kettle is whistling, the top is ready to blow. The people are angrier and getting ready to express it.  But resisting this increase on electricity may prevent you from experiencing what happened before.  


A word the wise is sufficient.



Ivoine W. Ingraham, JP

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