OPINION: Port operator should be Bahamian

OPINION: Port operator should be Bahamian
Two ships docked at Nassau's cruise port. (PHOTO: CRUISEFEVER.NET)

Last week, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines released a letter warning its passengers aboard the Anthem of the Seas about levels of crime in Nassau.

The letter suggested that they specifically avoid heading to the Sand Trap, Over-the-Hill and the Fish Fry after sunset.

Like any growing city, Nassau certainly has pockets of crime – we all know this. But for a cruise line that is part of a group that is bidding to manage our port to tell its passengers to essentially stay on the ship when in Nassau perfectly demonstrates the conflict that would exist if the cruise lines controlled the port.

Of course, they want their passengers to be safe when they are here – Bahamians want the same thing, but a port operator is supposed to encourage more passengers to visit the destination, not less!

By the way, everyone who I’ve spoken to who works at the Fish Fry reports that visitors are still loving it and crime is down in that area. Also, isn’t the Sand Trap closed? 



A Very Concerned Citizen