OPINION: Lest we forget

OPINION: Lest we forget

Ingratitude must be a sin.

Recently there has been some not so pleasant occurrences as it relates to a well known resident of the Bahamas and indeed Lyford Cay, Peter Nygard.

The glaring headlines with the insatiable story of The Provost Marshall or his representative serving Mr. Nygard, was certainly unfortunate, I am not arguing to the reasoning, but we must not be too insensitive.

Lest we forget, this same Philanthropist, Mr. Nygard, is the kind gentleman who have literally been the saviour for many who found themselves in dire need, for decades. Many have enjoyed his generosity.

He gave and still gives from the heart.

Free-spirited Mr. Nygard, has been the “go to man” for cultural and sporting events, both locally and internationally. Many teams, including national teams, travelling abroad, have enjoyed his unmeasured support.

Many with extreme medical urgency called on his good nature and experienced his generosity, without fanfare or publicity.

I would go on the limb and say that some key politicians and businessmen have exploited his free-handedness.

As a humane and sensitive gentleman, many who would not have been welcomed in Lyford Cay otherwise, have been able to visit and enjoy the amenities of Nygard Cay.

A man who has extended himself to help so many people cannot be all bad. He has shown his benevolence when many well-positioned Bahamians wavered.

His only sin is that he harboured too many “locals”.

So let us not rush to judge anyone, especially Peter Nygard, few of us are qualified to point fingers.

The least we could do is really expressed ourselves, how such a kind hearted benefactor has been in our midst and how we have benefited for all this time.

Has anyone or any group ever thought it to say thank you to Mr. Nygard?

I am sure after this letter is printed, others would sing the praises of his gestures.

“We are given this beautiful life, this beautiful world, and we destroy it with ingratitude and hate.”

Gratitude, on the other hand, will shift you to a higher frequency, and you will attract much better things.


Ivoine W. Ingraham

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