OPINION: Eleuthera deserves more

OPINION: Eleuthera deserves more

Dear Editor

To think God gave us this place of untold beauty… and for the love of money we were prepared to spit in His face, there is no greater shame.

I believe as the inhabitants of one of the earth’s most pristine and beautiful countries we Bahamians have a grave responsibility to protect what we have been entrusted with and sustainably harness this natural wealth.

When your country is this special the practice of environmental conscience is basic civics.

Don’t insult us by pretending this is about jobs…. this is about payoffs. Furthermore, this is about cowardice in the face of the cruise industry, a predatory and exploitative form of tourism that has done harm across the Caribbean region. This is about an astonishing LACK of creativity and innovation. The political establishment of this country has become a spiritual and intellectual cesspool of unfathomable ignorance and greed.

Time to get it together.

There are literally dozens of other more economically, socially and environmentally better models… Eleuthera deserves more. Period. #DoBetterMinnis #BeBetterBahamas #SaveLighthousePoint #SayNoToDisney


Walter Simmons, resident

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Thank you Walter- Bahamas government needs to listen to the environmental community and pay attention!! This will destroy critical reefs and do nothing for the economy of South Eleuthera. The only profits go to Disney. Furthermore- the residents of Eleuthera DO NOT want Disney- you can interview South Eleuthera all you want- because thats all you have done.. There are plenty more residents of Eleuthera that are vehemently opposed to this. Please pay attention to your people.

Thank you to a real Bahamian (and local Eleutheran) for standing up for what is right for his country. This man is someone who I have respected for years and who lives his life with integrity, style and grace. I know that in addition to speaking from his heart, he also speaks from an educated, knowledgeable position. Again, thank you Will!

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