OPINION: Downtown Nassau redevelopment – What is taking so long?

OPINION: Downtown Nassau redevelopment – What is taking so long?

Dear Editor,

Downtown Nassau continues to be a terrible eyesore and a stain upon our national reputation. When the request for proposals to redevelop the Prince George Wharf was announced, those of us who live and work in the area were ecstatic. It was hoped that this move would spur a wholesale redevelopment of the entire downtown area.

Such a rebirth is desperately needed. Even though there are more cruise ships in port now, fewer and fewer passengers bother getting off and exploring the town. Why would they? Everything they need is for sale on the ship, which seems to have better stores, bars and dining options than Bay Street. The idea that anyone would leave Atlantis or Baha Mar to come downtown is just laughable.

The need for change is obvious. So, what is taking so long? Why have the government gone quiet on this initiative?



Ricardo Johnson

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