“One year of solid witch-hunts … intimidation and victimization” – Davis on FNM’s first year

“One year of solid witch-hunts … intimidation and victimization” – Davis on FNM’s first year
Philip Brave Davis.

On the heels of the Free National Movement’s (FNM) one-year anniversary of its landslide victory at the polls, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Phillip Davis said the FNM has done nothing but “victimize” and “intimidate” the Bahamian people.

Addressing scores of supporters in Grand Bahama Thursday night, Davis said, the Minnis administration has done no real investment.

“One year of solid witch-hunts. One year of people being hurt. One year of Bahamians being victimized. One year of hardworking citizens all across the country … being sent home,” Davis said.

“One year and foreigners are coming in to take your job opportunities at the shipyard. One year and you have the Minister for Education Mr. Jeffery Lloyd telling the press he is ‘happy to report’ that workers in education are being sent home. One solid year full with intimidation and victimization. Firing of scores of minimum wage contract workers. Poor struggling mothers fighting their way to put food on the table.

“The Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, who dangled and sold the lies one year ago, has lead this crop failure. He has produced a year with high unemployment! No real new investment for this island. One year and they have no plans for the future development for our people in pipeline.”

Davis said since coming to power, the FNM has borrowed more than $1.7 billion, yet it continues to “lay off staff and terminate contracts”.

“They sent home scores of minimum wage workers like some Urban Renewal teams here on this island, and cannot find funds to purchase essential devices and medications in the medical institutions of the nation,” he claimed.

“Now I know here on Grand Bahama you all done see how the prime minister does jet around the world calling Bahamians corrupt. The (prime minister) and his ‘gussiemae’ delegation made the claims in Peru, that The Bahamas loses some $200 million due to corruption, and then he went  to London and say the figure is now $500 million.

“The Department of Statistics (DOS) officers made the point that they have no clue where the (prime minister) got his figures. I say he lied! Plain and simple.”

Davis said the FNM’ s “lies, fake news, catch phrases” and deceptive propaganda “have put the devil to shame”.