One Family wins Boxing Day Junkanoo parade

One Family wins Boxing Day Junkanoo parade

Group looks forward to taking “two-straight”


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Despite challenges with the weather and being the final A group to emerge on Bay Street on Wednesday morning, the One Family Warriors, who celebrated their 25th anniversary this year, are the unofficial winners of the 2018 Boxing Day Junkanoo parade.

According to the unofficial results released yesterday evening at Arawak Cay, One Family, with its “nursery rhymes” theme won the parade with a total of 87.55 points.

Eyewitness News Technical Director and One Family member Shantz Collymore in his costume on Boxing Day.

“It is what we were expecting, because with all of the components to win, we made sure we had those components in place; and once we prepared with those components, it was just delivering and executing,” One Family public relations and events coordinator Anthony “AC” Coakley told Eyewitness News Online last night.

“From our banner to our backline; it was as if you were reading a book of nursery rhymes,” he said.

“We had all of the favourite characters from the various nursery rhymes depicted and presented, and more than anything else, we played it [our theme] out.

“Our strength was playing out the characters and role-playing, and it paid off for us. Now it’s just preparing for the New Year’s Day parade.”

The One Family Junkanoo group is expected to feature a theme of “art” for the New Year’s Day parade, and according to Coakley, they are more prepared than they were for Boxing Day.

“The New Year’s theme is kind of abstract because the theme is ‘art’. We know that we have to show the public art in every way and in every facet of life, so you are going to see this,” Coakley assured.

“The everyday things that you don’t consider art or artistic and it does not pop out at you, we will display in a bold way,” Coakley said, adding that fans can expect is an amazing presentation.”

Meanwhile, The Valley Boys, who featured a theme of “glitz and glamour” placed second with 85.6 points.

Roots, who featured the theme, “heaven is for real” placed third with 85.46 points.

Genesis, who featured the theme, “a journey through wonderland” placed fourth with 83.078 points.

The Shell Saxons Superstars, who featured a theme of “music” placed fifth with a total of 82.81 points.

The Music Makers and Prodigal Sons were both disqualified.


In the B category the winners were:

1st – Colors –  78.91 points.

2nd –  Original Congos – 76.39 points

3rd – Body of Christ – 68.00 points

4th – Fancy Dancers – 67.77

5th – Conquerors for Christ – 64.01

6th – Redland Soldiers – 63.19

7th – New Vikings – 19.00

The individual results for the A groups were:



1st – One family

2nd – The Valley Boys

3rd – Roots

4th – Saxons

5th – Genesis


1st – Roots

2nd – One Family

3rd – The Valley Boys

4th – Genesis

5th – Saxons

Shirley Street performance
1st – One Family

2nd  – Roots

3rd – Saxons

4th – The Valley Boys

5th – Genesis

1st – The Valley Boys

2nd – Roots

3rd – Genesis

4th  Tied – One Family and Saxons

Tickets go on sale today for the New Year’s Day Junkanoo parade at the Junkanoo Corporation of New Providence’s office at Norfolk House on Frederick Street.