One Family prepares for “two-straight”

One Family prepares for “two-straight”

Group to pay tribute to sculptor, the late Stephen Burrows


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The One Family Warriors are hoping to continue its winning streak, by capturing a two-straight victory at tomorrow’s New Year’s Day Junkanoo parade.

With a total of 87.55 points, the group was declared the unofficial winner of the Boxing Day Junkanoo parade, featuring a theme of “nursery rhymes”.

On Sunday, the group’s event and public relations coordinator, Anthony “AC” Coakley, told Eyewitness News Online that the group will feature the theme of “art” at tomorrow’s parade, and will pay tribute to Bahamian sculptor, the late Stephen Burrows.

Burrows is known for his huge, life-size sculptures, which are displayed in many areas throughout the capital, but mainly on the grassy knoll of roundabouts.

“We are doing a special tribute to Mr. Stephen Burrows. He is the renowned sculptor whose work is widely known,” Coakley said.

“You would see his sculptures of the rooster, the crawfish, the rat bat and the conch shell [throughout New Providence].

“His work is very renowned, but he passed away the week that we actually started working on the costume in tribute to him.”

Coakley said since Burrows’ passing, several of his family members have assisted the group with getting his tribute costume completed.

“So his entire family is coming out to see the completed costume that pays tribute to him, so this will be a very special moment.”

Meanwhile, Coakley said all members of the One Family Junkanoo group are feeling “pumped and ready” for tomorrow’s parade.

“The Boxing Day victory was just the beginning of what is going to be the culmination of a victorious Junkanoo season with us winning the New Year’s Day parade as well,” said a confident Coakley.

“We knew the level of presentation that we were bringing for Boxing Day and that just transcends into what’s coming up for New Year’s Day.

“Our presentation of the theme of ‘art’ has never been presented on Bay Street, to my recollection.”

Coakley said One Family fans can expect to see art displayed by the group in various forms.

“From the performing arts, theatre, to culinary arts, to paintings and sculptures and artistic presentation of everyday things around us that sometimes you really don’t see as art but it is,” Coakley explained.

“You will see familiar art pieces from Van Gogh to the Mona Lisa to, of course, our own very outstanding artisans like Jackson Burnside, Pat Rahming and the art form of Junkanoo itself.

“Be prepared once again to be wowed because One Family will be doing it in a truly unique way.”

According to Coakley, there is no other group that brings “style” and “theatrical presentation” like One Family.

“When One Family comes to Bay it is a show, so be prepared to be wowed by another amazing show as we go for two-straight,” he said.

One Family is the second group in the parade’s line-up on Bay Street.