One Eleuthera Foundation continues to make significant impact on Eleuthera

One Eleuthera Foundation continues to make significant impact on Eleuthera
Civil Society Bahamas (CSB) President Shaun Ingraham. (PHOTO: ROTARY CLUB OF ELEUTHERA)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF) continues to make a significant impact on Eleuthera and looks to expand its reach, having received over $5 million in donations its latest fiscal year.

The foundation released its annual report for the fiscal year ending June 30 2020 yesterday.

OEF CEO Shaun Ingraham said: “The organization which is now in its eight-year reported that it received $5,000,000 making it possible for OEF to not only impact hundreds of families on the islands of Eleuthera but also Abaco and New Providence as well. This level of giving is a milestone for our institution, and we are so proud to have the broad-based support of individuals, businesses, churches, foundations, and civic groups from around the world and from around the corner.”

Ingraham said: “As the world navigates a pathway out of the health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19, please be assured that OEF will be leading the way with solutions for the island of Eleuthera and people across The Bahamas. There has never been a more pressing time for the important work of OEF. We look forward to your continued support as we leverage our experience and expertise and your ongoing commitment to chart a course beyond this crisis.”

Ingraham noted that OEF’s goals are to expand the brand to other islands.

“The opening of our office in Nassau in December 2019 marked OEF’s first visible step toward expanding our reach to other islands,” he continued.

“The devastation of Hurricane Dorian in Abaco just to our north and also in Grand Bahama has accelerated the need for OEF to play a more active role in the development of the civil sector. In the coming months, we look forward to sharing OEF’s success with other Bahamian communities struggling with the same community development issues that birthed our Shared Vision ten years ago,” said Ingraham.

The OEF report noted that the organization is also making an investment in capital projects.

“With the closure of The Retreat Hotel and The Tea Room Restaurant due to the shutdown of borders and tourism, OEF seized the opportunity to invest in the physical campus of OEF and CTI in preparation for relaunch and reopening,” it read.

“Upcoming capital improvements to the hotel include the renovation of the final cottage as four suites with kitchenettes for self-catering. The property’s recreational side will be further enhanced with the construction of a new dining and event pavilion adjacent to the newly refurbished pool.

“The space, which also features an industrial teaching kitchen and changing rooms, will allow for events such as meetings, weddings, workshops, and private parties once it is safe to resume larger gatherings. These investments in the hotel will support its revenue generation potential by reaching new markets and providing resources that are attractive to domestic travelers as well as international guests.

The report continued: “Finally, as OEF plans to meet the demands of the rebounding Airbnb market, three cottages on 4.6 adjacent acres were recently acquired by OEF. These cottages will be renovated to complement the new Sustainable Design Studio which will pilot designs for low-cost sustainable design in partnership with the University of The Bahamas, the University of North Carolina – Charlotte, and Michael Singer Studios.

“The “Live and Learn” property will have a unique range of cottages for rent and act as a demonstration site for model homes for Eleutherans looking for affordable alternatives to traditional construction models. Once developed, the site will be a training resource for a future Learn & Earn program that will prepare Eleutherans to build and manage their own Airbnbs and to provide tourism experiences that highlight the range of assets in the community.”


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