Okra Hill hotel destroyed by fire

Okra Hill hotel destroyed by fire

Fire officials rushed to put out a blaze at Okra Hills City Lodge on Friday afternoon.

The two-story building opposite Bahama Handprints – clearly dilapidated with no windows and no doors – was engulfed in flames and surrounded by smoke clouds.

Director of Fire Services Police Superintendent Walter Evans told the media that while it’s too early to confirm the reason why the fire started, there are some clear factors being investigated.

“This building has not been powered by electricity, which is an indication that the fire may have been started by other means,” Evans said.

“As you can see, the facility is unsecured and it allows persons to move in and out freely, and, at this point, we suspect that those persons may have been responsible for causing this fire.”

Curly Rolle, a resident of the Okra Hill community stated, that the now burned-down building used to be admired by residents as it was once a hotel and a convenience tore.