Oban’s disrespect for Bahamians

Oban’s disrespect for Bahamians
Signing the Bahamas Government/Oban Energies Heads of Agreement – Camille Johnson, Secretary to the Cabinet, on behalf of the Bahamas Government, and Peter Krieger (right) of Oban Energies at the Office of the Prime Minister February 19. Krieger is accused of forging OBAN Energies President Satpal Dhunna's signature on the Agreement shown. (BIS Photo/Peter Ramsay)

The newspaper ad that was sloppily designed and ill-advisedly placed, is a clear indication that OBAN and the government have absolutely no respect for the Bahamian people.

Even though they know full well that we know that they are taking advantage of the Bahamian people, they are still trying to inflict further pain, even while we all are hollering at the top of our voices.

Peter Krieger, a known con artist and convicted felon, was on his game.

He knew who he was dealing with, so he was “shucking and jiving” and laughing at the “the Banana republic” mentality, while he signed Satpal Dhunna’s signature, in front of Prime Minister the Rt. Honourable Dr. Hubert Alexander Minnis and Camille Johnson, Cabinet secretary, carefully observing.

Krieger performed a David Copperfield magic trick, right before their eyes. The photo-op showed all smiling with great approval. Dhunna though, preferred to use Houdini in his act of being invisible.

The cabinet has now been reduced to a circus with clowns and side shows, that had a great big elephant’s disappearing act, in real time.

Oban “hog-tied” several members of the government, including the Senate, into having been promised something, to trot out in the public lobbying for the project. It is alleged that top senators are assisting with the PR and “starry-eyes” radio personalities are running from pillar to post “singing Oban’s praises” to the obvious detriment of the Bahamian people.

What is most astonishing is there’s a mad rush to tell us we don’t have any reason to be concerned.

The blatant disrespect is that alleged fraud by false pretenses occurred and no one in the government appears to have any shame or concern about what we, the Bahamian think.

The million-dollar question is, will there be any prosecutions?  Can anyone be “locked up?”

The sad part that I am sure innocently happened was that the naive Permanent Secretary, the technocrat that should be doing her due diligence to serve as a buffer for the government, shirked her responsibilities and “fired herself” by ignoring her duties. I hope she is wise enough to know that the Bahamian people cannot trust her with the country’s business anymore.

There are several MPs, and I dare say Cabinet Ministers, who would want us to believe that they are the smartest people since Einstein – with a superiority complex – stood there with a sheepish grin on their faces, oblivious that they were tricked. The only thing that mattered was that “a white man” was throwing some crumbs to the people and they approved. Now they are saying, “did I do that!”

Are any members of the Cabinet resigning from their collective responsibility as fraud by false pretenses was being committed? Cabinet participated in a criminal offence, and I am not a legal mind, but is there a change called aid and abet?

Since Ernst & Young is working directly for the government, did they have oversight of the intricacies of the numbers presented?  The reputation of the accounting firm cannot get any worse, judging from the fishing expedition that happened and the sloppiness displayed.

Confidentiality, trust, honour and integrity, must have been stricken from their mission statement. Professionalism has now taken a back seat to “in your face” association with individuals in government.

They sold their souls for a great payday. How sad!

Just asking, when will the government that was elected since May 10 begin governing? When will they accept their responsibility and top blaming the previous occupants of the house?

Do the renovations and “shut your mouth!”

Oh, by the way, stop whining, pay all of the bills you met, just like the PLP paid all the bills the Ingraham led FNM left. Get it?


Ivoine W. Ingraham