Oban President speaks on questionable signing

Oban President speaks on questionable signing
Government officials, including Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon Hubert Minnis, look on as investor, Peter Krieger, signs the Heads of Agreement between The Bahamas Government and OBAN Energies.

As the controversy surrounding the ‘ceremonial’ signing for the Heads of Agreement (HOA) for the $5.5 billion Oban Energies deal exacerbates, president of the company, Satpal Dhunna, is seeking to clarify what took place.

In a detailed letter to the Office of the Prime Minister, Dhunna explained that he was reportedly unable to make the signing and sent Non-Executive Chairman, Peter Krieger in his place.

While not speaking directly to the signing concern, the president did say in the letter that, “Oban Energies… hereby considers itself bound by the heads of agreement and is fully committed to progressing the project in accordance therewith.”

On February 19, Krieger allegedly signed Dhunna’s name to, what Press Secretary, Anthony Newbold, called a ‘ceremonial’ HOA instead of his own, ultimately committing fraud.

The discovery of the fraudulent signature sparked a firestorm into the validity of the document as well as Krieger’s checked past with the law.

Since then, the Minnis administration has come under the gun for not addressing the controversy surrounding the project set to break ground on Grand Bahama.

The Opposition has since demanded the official agreement be produced.