Oban disses PLP

Oban disses PLP
Leader of the Opposition, Phillip Brave Davis.

Oban Energies officials cried shame on Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Phillip Brave Davis who suggested last night that government had an interest in the Oban development- the proposed $5.5 billion oil refinery and storage facility in East Grand Bahama.

During a special meeting held at the PLP headquarters to grade the Free National Movement (FNM) government on its first term in office, Davis questioned who was the “mystery men and women” behind the deal.

“We want to know who are the faces behind Clean Marine and the role that they play with the Oban deal” Davis said.

Eyewitness News contacted Oban late last night, for clarity on the issue. The Oban representative who did not want to be named, stated emphatically, that Oban has “no affiliation with Clean Marine company”.

A visit to the company’s website www.cleanmarinegroup.com revealed that the company is “the waste oil remediation service of The Bahamas”.  The site detailed that the company which is “coming in 2018”, operates to protect the marine environment, by collecting and processing waste oils and other oily mixtures from maritime vessels under the Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships 1973, as modified by the protocol of 1978.

The website also reveals that the Clean Marine Group secured the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) license to operate a MARPOL port reception facility at the Freeport Harbour,

While Davis offered no additional information in his address, he called on government to be transparent in its dealings. No principals of the company, however, were named on the site.

In response to Davis, the Oban official said:“Mr. Davis knows better. It is sad and most unfortunate that in his desperation to become prime minister of The Bahamas, he would try to makes such a connect to embarrass and insult a developer, that while in government his government was inclined to form a partnership with to impact the economy.”

The PLP has stated that while they did have discussions with Oban nothing materialized.

Davis also highlighted the significant number of public servants that have been fired by the present administration and argued that while the FNM touts transparency, it was been nothing but corrupt.

A number of  other PLP parliamentarians addressed the crowd, sounding off on the perceived blunders that they believe the FNM government has made, including the highly controversial Oban deal, and failure to deliver on many of its campaign promises.