NP left in the dark again

NP left in the dark again
The Government has introduced in Parliament an Electricity Rate Reduction Bond Bill which will allow Bahamas Power and Light.

Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) reinitiated load shedding last night.

In a statement around 9 p.m., the power company said, “BPL System Control has confirmed that due to unforeseen circumstances, load shedding has begun in two-hour rotation.

“At present, areas surrounding the Bahamas Financial Centre, the Town Centre Mall, Solomon’s Mines, Bahamas Agriculture, Mackey Street and Best Buy – plus some areas of Montague — are all offline for two hours. We will update as necessary.

When asked for the specifics on the cause of the outage, BPL Director of Communications Quincy Parker said he was unable to provide specifies at this time.