North Andros MP says employment on the rise

North Andros MP says employment on the rise
Carlton Bowleg, Member of Parliament for North Andros.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Employment in North Andros is on the rise, according to the member of parliament for that area, Carlton Bowleg.

“I am so proud of what is going on here in North Andros. We have already employed through the 52- week program and other ministries that we are working with, over 200 people,” Bowleg told Eyewitness News Online during recent visit to North Andros.

Bowleg also gave credit to the Bahamas Agriculture Marine and Science Institute, BAMSI, for creating jobs on the island.

“I could say unemployment is down here,” Bowe said, adding that he sees growth in the island’s economy.

“I can see a growth in the economy now,” Bowe said. “Anytime I can see a lot of cars,  and I can see the shops increasing their inventory and buildings going up, it makes me feel good and I can see Andros is really moving now,” the MP said.

Bowleg also mentioned that efforts to revive the island after the last hurricane have also been successful and many residents are working together to improve the island.

“We are moving together, like I say I have never seen in my life an island that is really coming together. People are helping one another and that is what is important and we are going to continue to do that. You can never complete everything but you can continue to work together and that is what we’re doing here in North Andros .”