Non-profit offering private sector end-to-end COVID screening, testing and monitoring solution

Non-profit offering private sector end-to-end COVID screening, testing and monitoring solution
Robert Myers. (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A well-known governance reformer said yesterday that it is “critical” for the Ministry of Health and law enforcement officials to enforce the quarantine of persons infected with COVID-19, with a local non-profit offering the private sector with a screening tool and antigen test solution.

Robert Myers, principal of the Organization for Responsible Governance (ORG), said in a correspondence with Eyewitness News: “We have been working hard to provide solutions.

“We formed the ‘Living with COVID Coalition’ under ORG and have produced a proposal to all organizations.

“Civil society and private sector organizations alike could follow this protocol to screen, test and monitor COVID infections.”

Myers added: “What is critical at this point is that the Ministry of Health and law enforcement actually enforce the quarantine.

“My suggestion is that infected persons wear tracking bands and if they break or violate the restrictions they be placed in a special purpose COVID facility until they test out as non-contagious.

“The problem we all have is that the ignorant among us are being sent home and told to quarantine and they are not.

“Instead, they are running around town spreading the disease.

“The other issue is that the government is not able to test at the level required to determine who is infected.

“The proposal attached will significantly help on that front.”

The LWCC is providing the Bahamian private sector with an end-to-end screening, testing and monitoring solution for COVID-19.

“Daily employee screening using LWCC’s screening platform and automation can help employers determine prior to an employee arriving for work whether they may be putting your work environment at risk according to the NPO. LWCC is using its collective purchasing power and economies of scale to secure hundreds of thousands of Rapid Antigen Test that will be available to LWCC Partners. This is a significant benefit that saves your business time and money,” the NPO’s proposal states, adding, “LWCC’s Hospital Partner, Doctors Hospital will be providing training and best practices for administering test safely.

“LWCC’s Medial Distribution Partners will provide discounted rates for all PPE requirements.”


Forcing people with HIV/AIDS into “special” facilities/camps was suggested years ago to avoid transmission. The world blasted Cuba for violating human rights with this type thinking. Basically prison for being a virus carrier. Which virus do you stop with?. Lock up the 1 in 100 for Covid then lock up the 1 in 50 for HIV then start with the TB carriers and lock them up in the special government facilities too. When you start with one violation of human riggts where does it end? Have we been this heavily inflenced by propaganda that we would willing head down the path to communist China tactics??

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