NO DISRESPECT INTENDED: Awards show pulls Sweet Emily nomination

NO DISRESPECT INTENDED: Awards show pulls Sweet Emily nomination

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Days after veteran entertainer Emily ‘Sweet Emily’ Williams publicly chided being nominated for “Artist of the Year” at this year’s Elevation Awards, a representative from the production issued a press release to address her comments.

“Sweet Emily is undeniably recognized as a Bahamian icon and legend, and her ongoing efforts to remain relevant and current within the entertainment industry have not gone unnoticed,” the statement read.

“Her eligibility for nomination consideration in the ‘Female Artist of the Year’ category was solely based on her releases within the eligibility period of 2021-2023, as outlined in our nomination criteria. We acknowledge Sweet Emily’s public request to be removed from the category, and in response, we have taken the necessary steps to honor her request. We respect her decision and reaffirm our commitment to honoring her contributions at the appropriate time.

“Efforts were made by our Executive Producer on February 8th to meet with Sweet Emily to address any concerns and provide clarity on our nomination process. Unfortunately, Sweet Emily declined this opportunity. We remain open to dialogue and collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure transparency and fairness in our procedures,” it continued.

Sweet Emily’s comments received no shortage of reactions on social media; many Eyewitness News commenters appeared to share her sentiments.

“I’m sorry but; I totally agree with her. Sweet Emily has paved the way for many female artists. She should be credited at a higher standard,” Ozier Bodie person wrote.

“She’s right tho. Put some respect on her name,” another comment said.

Not all were sympathetic to the entertainer’s position, though.

“So when we all watching the Grammy awards, don’t old artist compete against new artist for the title? So what is she trying to say,” asked Bernard Newbold.

The Elevation Awards release, signed by Travis Edgecombe, stated that the organization “stands firmly against discrediting or belittling any artist and is committed to uplifting and honoring all members of our creative community.”