NIB minister explains unemployment payments

NIB minister explains unemployment payments
The National Insurance Board headquarters .

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Minister of National Insurance Brensil Rolle yesterday sought to explain payments received by individuals on the government’s unemployment program.

Several people have expressed concerns that they received less than $100 in their latest payment.

Minister of National Insurance Brensil Rolle. (FILE PHOTO)

But Rolle told Eyewitness News last night that this was an unexpected circumstance as a result of the government’s initial intention to end the 13-week unemployment program in January.

He explained that there were issues with week five and six of the program for some individuals that led to them not being paid.

“We were trying to bring everything down to an end so we were just looking at individuals who did not get their full 13 weeks and some individual was one week away, some were three weeks away, so the numbers may look different,” Rolle said.

“Since then, the program has been extended to February. So, that means within two weeks if we miss any individual or if we underpay individuals, they will get their full reimbursement when we run the next set of cheques. And we will do that as quickly as possible.”

He assured that the weekly payment of $100 still stands and all those individuals who are still owed will be paid.

Over $45.5 million was provided in unemployment support through the National Insurance Board (NIB), which included support for self-employed individuals, Bahamians in the hospitality sector and the unemployment extension program.