NIB director resigns from position at nonprofit organization

NIB director resigns from position at nonprofit organization
Dr Nicola Virgill-Rolle

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Former National Insurance Board Director Dr Nicola Virgill-Rolle has resigned from her position to become the next executive director of Lyford Cay Foundations.

Virgill-Rolle reportedly resigned from her NIB position during an executive meeting yesterday.

Less than two hours after Eyewitness News reported on the resignation, the board of directors of the Lyford Cay Foundation Inc (LCF) and the Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation (CLCF) announced in a statement that Virgill-Rolle is expected to join the organization.

Felicity Humblestone, the current executive director, is expected to end her tenure with the nonprofit on December 31, 2020.

In the statement, Virgill-Rolle said, “I am delighted to have been selected as the next executive director of the Lyford Cay Foundations, an institution which has had such an important role in the lives of so many Bahamians, including my own, as a Lyford Cay scholar.”

She added, “Building on the successes of the executive directors who came before me, and together with the board and supporters, I look forward to continuing this good work and expanding the potential of the foundations’ work in The Bahamas.”

LCF Chairman Basil P Goulandris noted that Virgill-Rolle brings extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with socioeconomic issues and will continue to expand the organization’s mission.

Virgill-Rolle is a former director of economic development and planning in the Office of the Prime Minister, where she was responsible for the creation of the country’s National Development Plan, the Sustainable Nassau Plan, Andros Masterplan and for the creation of an Over-the-Hill Revitalization Strategy for The Bahamas.

She is a former director of financial services, a former economic attaché of The Bahamas’ embassy in Washington, DC, and a former deputy manager for policy at the Central Bank of The Bahamas.

Virgill-Rolle holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in public policy from George Mason University, and a Master of Science (MSc) degree in the political economy of development from the University of London, SOAS.

She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, international development, from Vassar College and an Associate of Arts degree in accounting from the College of The Bahamas, now University of The Bahamas.