NIB board named, Troy Smith appointed chairman

NIB board named, Troy Smith appointed chairman

Troy Smith, a 29-year veteran in the life, health, disability and annuity insurance industry and who previously served in numerous management and executive positions, has been appointed chairman of the National Insurance Board (NIB), a statement released yesterday confirmed.

Smith’s appointment became effective July 1st.

In recent years Smith’s private pursuits are said to have included consulting in information technology (IT), retail business ownership and property management.

Smith also previously served on boards in the private and public sectors, and most recently served on the board of directors of the Education Loan Authority.

Other members named to the new board include Geoffrey Stuart, deputy chairman; Michela Barnett-Ellis; Claretta Duncombe; Marcus Grammatico; Anethera Bowleg; Theresa Mortimer; Gina Sweeting-Moss; Gene Albury; Edison Sumner; and Charles Sealy.