What I don’t understand is how Minnis could not renew the ban on evictions but he still locking people down which means that people can’t work so they can’t pay their rent he must be planning to have people locked down on the streets

Minnis don’t pay my mortgage so how he could tell me what to do with my things and have to pay real property tax also he drop that for the renter

All the island pay machine are in places that are on lock down.
Why they didn’t put an island pay machine in the food stores or gas station, since they open regularly

They better figure something out by time as Thursday August 13th,2020 and install those kiosk at pharmacy or food stores where the line is controlled to get inside. I didn’t ask for my benefit to go there to pay $4.00-$5.00 for withdrawal fee and stamp tax when I’ve given my banking info when applied. By Friday I sure hope it’s up & running.

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