NGO: ‘Overwhelming demand’ for food amid COVID-19 crisis

NGO: ‘Overwhelming demand’ for food amid COVID-19 crisis
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NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A local humanitarian organization said yesterday it has seen an ‘overwhelming demand’ for its food assistance since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown.

Hands for Hunger Community Events Coordinator Precious Fortune Thompson underscored the sharp increase in demand over the past month during remarks at a Rotary Club of Southeast Nassau meeting via Zoom yesterday.

“The demand is very overwhelming for us. The demand has really increased in over the past month,” said Thompson.

“We serve over 25 agencies and outside of those agencies. Outside of the agencies, we provide food to all the old folks homes.” According to Thompson, distributing food to local agencies in various communities helps to ensure greater reach.”

Hands for Hunger started over 10 years ago with the view that a large amount of unspoiled food is thrown away daily by restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, markets, bakeries, and other local vendors while many struggle to secure a meal.

While most of the major hotels are closed Thompson noted that they are still providing food to the organization.

“The hotels are still providing us with food although the lockdown started a month ago. Since the lockdown we have received a lot of donations from the hotels, mainly Atlantis and Baha Mar.

“We still have places like Bahamas Food Services, Caribbean Bottling  and Purity Bakery which have continued to support us since the lockdown.”

The organization is also entering an arrangement with Kanoo for food vouchers to be redeem at Supervalue food stores.

Thompson noted that the organization has not been able to utilize its volunteer database due to COVID-19 lockdown.

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