New NIB director being interviewed

New NIB director being interviewed
Minister with responsibility of the National Insurance Board (NIB), Brensil Rolle.

A new director for the National Insurance Board (NIB) is presently being interviewed, according to the minister responsible for the social security programme.

Since the resignation of Patricia Hermanns, former director of NIB almost a month ago, the social security programme remains without a top executive.

However, Public Service Minister with responsibility for NIB Brensil Rolle said yesterday, that while a replacement for Hermanns is being sought, NIB Financial Controller Sonia Gill will act as the director.

“A director from NIB will be announced very shortly,” Rolle said, while appearing as a guest on IL TV’s Beyond the Headlines with Clint Watson.

“Sonia Gill is now the acting director for a short period.

“We have interviewed some individuals and I believe we’ll announce a director in the shortest possible time.”

Hermanns resignation took effect June 15.

Eyewitness News obtained a copy of a letter to staff members dated May 31, in which Hermanns said, the decision came after “careful consideration and reflection”.

Hermanns was appointed to the post on September 1, 2016.