New Mexican restaurant shines in its opening days

New Mexican restaurant shines in its opening days

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A vibrant selection of cocktails, invigorating ceviches, and world-class tacos have made their debut at Salsa Mexican Bar & Grill, a newly launched Mexican restaurant in downtown Nassau.

Situated on the waterfront within the Elizabeth on Bay Plaza, the establishment’s proprietors hope to satisfy the demand for an authentic Mexican dining experience in the country.

Ryan Delva, a partner in the restaurant, expressed their enthusiasm for filling this gastronomic void, stating: “We’ve been attentive to the feedback from Bahamian food enthusiasts who have longed for a dedicated authentic Mexican eatery. We are delighted to have answered that call by offering a splendid venue with picturesque views and a delightful ambiance where patrons can savor genuine Mexican cuisine.”

Beyond its culinary offerings, Salsa Mexican Bar & Grill pays homage to Mexican culture and design, with wall art created by Bahamian artists adorning its interiors. Notably, the restaurant also boasts what it calls the most extensive tequila selection in the country, featuring 100 different types of tequila. The tequila range spans from $9 per shot to $300 per serving, with the option of a $7,500 bottle for the more discerning tequila aficionados.

Delva further remarked:”Our opening night exceeded our expectations, with an enthusiastic turnout and valuable feedback from our guests. We take pride in incorporating unique Bahamian artistry into our design elements and eagerly anticipate sharing our remarkable tequila collection with both local residents and international visitors alike.

“Our aspiration is to establish ourselves as the go-to destination for delectable, authentic Mexican cuisine and the finest tequila offerings in The Bahamas.”

Salsa Mexican Bar & Grill welcomes patrons from Wednesdays to Sundays, operating from 12 pm to 12 am. Reservations are strongly encouraged to secure a memorable dining experience.