NEW INVESTMENT OPPORTNITIES: Two int’l companies to soon launch on ArawakX crowdfunding platform

NEW INVESTMENT OPPORTNITIES: Two int’l companies to soon launch on ArawakX crowdfunding platform

“Investments are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so we are urging all persons to register at [for] a smooth process”

Free Community Investor Education classes to be offered to the public

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Beginning next week, Bahamians will have a chance to have ownership in two international companies that will launch on the ArawakX crowdfunding platform on Monday, August 23.

The companies cannot be revealed by name until opening day to remain compliant with Security Commission Regulations.

ArawakX spokesman and Chief Technology Officer D’Arcy Rahming Jr said: “We are excited to bring these opportunities to The Bahamas and proud to say that they both have Bahamian founders with international advisory boards.

D’Arcy Rahming Jr.

“The way the rules are structured, investments are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. So, we are urging all persons to register at and be onboarded with their KYC documents so that investing will be a smooth process.”

While the ArawakX crowdfunding platform levels the playing field and allows for investing over the internet, ArawakX is opening a series of Community Investor Education Centers (CIEC) in different areas that will deliver short classes and tours to raise the financial literacy of The Bahamas. These CIECs will also serve as customer service centers so the public can have questions and queries regarding their investments answered.

The founders of the two companies will ring the opening bell at 9am at the first CIEC in Sandyport at a special ceremony. At that point, their stocks will be available for the public to invest in.

“There is a tremendous amount of excitement. All the groups that have been through our intro tour at the CIEC have registered and are just waiting for the opening Bell,” said Rahming, who has been instrumental in ensuring that all the technology matches the regulatory requirements for a smooth customer experience.

As ArawakX is the first to market for an equity crowdfunding platform, special attention must be paid to every detail as the Securities Commission goals of investor protection matches the stated positioning of ArawakX, whose motto is “Turn Consumers to Owners”.

ArawakX also claims to be committed to consumer education and all Community Investor Education classes will be free to the general public.

“We welcome people to take a tour this week in person or online to learn about the exchange and onboard,” said Rahming.

“For those who are not resident, the process can take place online and the tour will be livestreamed.

“To be clear ArawakX cannot make specific recommendations. We are responsible for the vetting process of companies, which is quite rigorous.

“Because we believe you should be able to make educated choices in a properly regulated environment, all companies must be able to meet the criteria that we call by the acronym a T.E.A.M. that can deliver M.A.G.I.C.,” said Rahming.

T.E.A.M. stands for the executive advisors and management that can deliver:

  • Markets that are big enough and sustainable.
  • Accessible to the listing firm.
  • Growth potential of at least 10 times.
  • Innovative.
  • Corporate governance is to an international standard.