New Fire Services Unit recruits promote safety

New Fire Services Unit recruits promote safety

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – New recruits of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) Fire Services Unit spent Wednesday conducting community walkabouts throughout New Providence in an effort to distribute a number of educational pamphlets which outlined best practices to avoid fire hazards during the holiday season.

Kenya Culmer, Sergeant in charge of fire prevention told Eyewitness News Online that officers went door-to-door to distribute the helpful information.

“A lot of people for the Christmas holidays, they like to keep their Christmas tree lights on. But, in the event that a fire happens overnight while you are sleeping, if you do not have a fire detector to alert you, you could die in that house fire,” Culmer said.

“So, we [distributed educational pamphlets] out west, east, the central areas and also Carmichael Road.”

Eyewitness News Online joined the firefighters on their community walkabout in the Bain and Grants Town constituency on Wednesday afternoon.

Families who were at home during the time of the walkabout were receptive to the initiative.

“It’s good to see these officers here in the community trying to bring us information about how to stay safe during the holidays. We know that sometimes accidents can happen and somehow there are fires that destroy homes and lives and so this information will help me to stay aware of what to do to avoid that,” Petra Minns said.

Culmer led the young recruits to Woodcock Primary School as well where the team distributed food packages to those in need.

Culmer said the initiative was an effort which sought to canvas communities and provide vital information; but to also get the young firefighters acclimated with their new roles.

“Today is their first day at work so they are very excited and interested in getting their feet wet. But, basically what we are going to do is set the foundation first. Get the message out there first, get the preventative measures our there so that people know how to avoid fire hazards; but if they do happen, then we are able to respond,” she said.

The recruits are a part of a new cohort of officers who officially completed the RBPF’s rigorous training on December 13.