New doppler at met office

New doppler at met office

Technical advancements are under way at the Bahamas Department of Meteorology that will give forecasters more detailed data during severe weather, senior officials said.

With the country directly in the hurricane belt, Deputy Director Basil Dean told Eyewitness News yesterday that with the installation of new Doppler Radar systems in New Providence and a number of Family Islands, residents can expect earlier warnings and a more comprehensive outlook on conditions.

“We will have a Doppler in Abaco giving us coverage from Grand Bahama in the North, we will be installing three more… one in Long Island and Mayguana and the old Doppler Radar at LPIA will be refurbished and sent to Ragged Island,” Dean said.

“For the first time we would have complete weather radar and it is significant for nowcasting. As the population continues to grow, people are now more sensitive to what is going on weather-wise.”

Dean added that the tools will also be critical for flood-prone zones.

“We would be able to warn persons in low lying areas in advance of what kind of weather they can expect,” he said.

“It will assist us in determining where the heavy rainfall is taking place.”