NEW BLOOD: Political newcomers vie for Nassau Village constituency

NEW BLOOD: Political newcomers vie for Nassau Village constituency
An anti-violence billboard at the Soldier Road entrance of the Nassau Village community. (PHOTO: ZONTA)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Several newcomers are expected to go head-to-head in the fight for the Nassau Village constituency in the next general election.

The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) has ratified 33-year-old Jamahl Strachan as the candidate for the area, who describes himself as a “son of the constituency and a son of the soil”.

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Nassau Village candidate Jamahl Strachan.

Strachan, who is still a resident of the area, is a career diplomat and is currently posted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“What really led me into politics was that I looked around my neighborhood, I looked around my constituency and I saw that there was no progression,” he said in a video the party released last week.

“I am a millennial. I am ready.

“We believe that advances in technology mean that the advances for the standard of living paramount.

“We need modernization going forward in Nassau Village.”

Strachan is among the first 18 candidates ratified by the PLP.

While the Free National Movement (FNM) has ratified 25 candidates, it has yet to name a candidate for the Nassau Village constituency.

Incumbent MP Halson Moultrie will not receive the party’s nomination.

Moultrie resigned from the Free National Movement (FNM) earlier this month, citing a “divergent and untenable relationship”, particularly with his stance on the separation of powers concerning the executive branches of the government.

He explained that he felt an obligation and “urgency” to effect certain changes before a potential June general election.

Moultrie revealed that he asked Minnis about his renomination for the constituency earlier this month, and was offered an appointment in London.

House Speaker and Nassau Village MP Halson Moultrie. (FILE PHOTO)

There was widespread speculation that Moultrie resigned because of concerns surrounding his renomination.

He had previously said if the FNM did not nominate him for Nassau Village, the party could be assured it would lose that seat.

He insisted that unless there is a “miracle in terms of the turnaround”, the feedback he has received over his resignation was “man, you got out at the right time”.

In the last general election, Moultrie defeated former Deputy House Speaker and Nassau Village MP Dion Smith with 56 percent of the votes.

Smith received 1,602 votes, while Moultrie received 2,554 votes.

Democratic National Alliance (DNA) candidate Mario Lockhart received 348 votes (eight percent),
Bahamas National Coalition Party (BNCP) candidate Paul Rolle received 17 votes and Bahamas Constitution Party (BCP) candidate Aaron Cox received 22 votes.

The DNA has named Zerline Ferguson-Martinez as its candidate for the Nassau Village constituency.

Ferguson-Martinez, who has a background in education and healthcare, strongly believes that the message of change must be loud and clear at this crucial time in the country’s existence and insists that the DNA party will be the vehicle to bring about “real change”.

The mother of four, one of whom has a disability and requires special care, is passionate about advancing the cause of the disabled community to make The Bahamas more inclusive and accommodating for this special group of individuals.

She hopes to create an inclusive and disability-friendly community by making parks more accessible and advocating for a proper bus system for all individuals and parents with disabled children in Nassau Village.

She said she is also passionate about young people playing a significant role in Bahamian society and owning the Bahamian economy.

Her plans for Nassau Village also include sports and social programs for young people, a backyard farming program, a job assistance program and a delivery unit to ensure the needs of the less privileged are met and those who need help have access to social services with their dignity intact, among others.