New AMR system to get Bahamians out of the dark

New AMR system to get Bahamians out of the dark
Minister of Works Desmond Bannister speaking to members of the press outside Cabinet.

With thousands of Bahamians living without electricity, Public Works Minister Desmond Bannister revealed in Parliament Wednesday that headway is being made to ensure that every household has access to power through an automatic meter reading (AMR) system.

The prepaid plan will allow residents to “top up” their electricity meters and monitor their usage on-line.

“We have several thousand Bahamians who have not had electricity – some for years,” Bannister said.

“This AMR will permit them to put a couple dollars on their meter and not have a power bill.”

Bannister, who tabled an amendment to the Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) Act to allow for the implementation of the AMR, among other things explained; the power company will also offer concessions to ensure that many will benefit from this opportunity.

He called on all Parliamentarians to support the initiative but warned that safeguards will be put in place to guard against abuse.

“I want to be careful how we say and present this, so that others don’t take advantage who can afford to do better,” he said.

“It will be good for people in our heritage communities.”