Neighbors helped save woman who escaped Shabbach Close deadly “domestic dispute”

Neighbors helped save woman who escaped Shabbach Close deadly “domestic dispute”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — When Alexandria Norelus heard a woman screaming “help, help” outside her Shabbach Close home on Friday, she quickly sprung into action.

Police reported that a woman was found dead and another woman injured following a “domestic dispute” shortly after 10am at a residence in the area.

Officers searched the home and found a woman lying in a pool of blood in the bathroom.

Assistant Superintendent Audley Peters said: “Preliminary facts at the moment are the two females are mother and daughter. We cannot confirm what relation the male is to either person who are victims in this incident.”

Norelus and her boyfriend were the first to see the survivor as she escaped the home.

She said she was sitting at their front window when they looked out to see a woman running from across the street “bleeding to death”.

She said her boyfriend rushed outside and saw the woman drenched in blood, so he grabbed a shirt and tried to put pressure on her wounds.

“We told her to be quiet, not to say anything,” she recalled.

“…She was talking so much. We told her to be quiet because her throat was sliced from ear to ear. So, that was really shocking and very scary.

“She just was saying she needs an ambulance. She said she think her grandma is dead because he still inside the house with her.”

Norelus said she attempted to call the ambulance but didn’t get a response initially. She said another neighbor came by and he was able to reach an ambulance.

However, as they were trying to help her, she said she saw a man wearing a black jacket, who was also pouring blood, rushing towards them from across the street.

“His face was full of blood and it was just scary,” she recalled.

Norelus said she screamed out to her boyfriend to watch out, “he coming”.

“He pulls out the knife and tried to attack him as well,” she said.

“He came to him and [my boyfriend] tell him to stay back, don’t come any further.”

She said she quickly tried to get the lady up and take her in the house and locked the door “so he wouldn’t be able to come in and try finish do what he had to do with her”.

She said when they got inside, soon after, two police cars arrived and the man ran off.

Police said they currently have a man in custody assisting with the investigation, but could not confirm what his relationship was to the two women.

Norelus said while she was happy the woman was able to make it out and they could help her, the whole ordeal was shocking and scary.

She said they had not heard any noise or commotion coming from the neighbors that morning.

“This area, it’s kind of quiet and I wouldn’t ever say we have stuff like this going on.”

She noted that she recently moved to the neighborhood and didn’t know any of the women or the man.

She said, however, she would often see the man in the neighborhood, with headphones, just walking up and down non-stop.

“It was kind of sketchy because he never used to talk to anyone. He was quiet… If you talk to him, he wouldn’t say anything.”

Norelus, a mother of two, said it was her first time ever experiencing anything like that, adding that it has made her concerned about living in the area.

At last report, the woman was in the hospital and her condition was unknown.