Nearly 45k raised for toddler gunshot victim

Nearly 45k raised for toddler gunshot victim

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The family of two-year-old gunshot victim DaNyla Roberts has raised nearly $45,000 in aid of her medical expenses on GoFundMe as the toddler continues to fight for her life.

Nyla, as she was affectionately called, was shot in the stomach by a stray bullet on June 27 in Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera.

She was critically injured during the shooting and sustained damage to several vital organs.

Nyla’s family revealed that she needs an immediate life-saving surgery that cannot be done in The Bahamas, and it costs $160,000.

Her condition is currently listed as critical but stable.

The GoFundMe account for the two-year-old has garnered $44,259.

The family has disabled new donations to the fundraiser and penned a heartfelt thank you letter to all those who made donations and offered their support.

“It warms my heart to see how many kind-hearted and generous people are still out there, all over the world. The family of Nyla and myself cannot thank you enough,” said Venetia Walkine, organizer of the GoFundMe.

“During this most difficult time and period, and I think it’s safe to say in all or at least most of our lives… Because even if we were not directly impacted by COVID-19, I’m sure we have family or friends that were (my prayers are with them!) …

“In spite of, so many came to little Nyla’s urgent call. I need you to know that it is appreciated.

“You guys are so supportive, so kind. All of the messages and get well soon notes, not one has gone unread.

“To all the Prayer Warriors, keep em’ coming. We feel you, we come in agreement with you.

“To my Bahamian People, truly you’ve embodied Rev. Phillip Rahming’s words “One people united in Love and Service.

“We’ve been dealing with crisis after crisis, yet still.

“And to the rest of you all around the world who made donations, sent prayers, sent messages, and took the time to forward the GoFundMe page. We appreciate you.”