National Honours process announced

National Honours process announced
National Honours Committee Chairman Mark Humes (second left), announces the process for nominations of the awards.

The Advisory Committee for National Honours announced that nomination applications are available for pick up as of June 4.

The award ceremony will be the second Monday in October of this year.

The established Societies of Honor include the Order of National Hero, the Order of Nation, the Order of The Bahamas, the Order of Excellence, the Order of Distinction, the Order of Merit and the Order Lignum Vitae.

The newly-placed Chairman of the National Honours Committee Mark Humes, along with committee members including Senator Fred Mitchell, Justice Deborah Fraizer, Attorney for Cabinet Office Cheryl Carrol and Assistant Commissioner Paul Allison Rolle, announced the final day for nominations applications, which is June 11.

The awards will recognize persons who have achieved excellence in designated categories, while contributing to national development.

Nomination forms can be picked up from the Cabinet Office in Churchill Building downtown.

Public announcements of approved awards will be made by the Governor General on Independence Day.