Nassau Cruise Port bidder focused on increasing passenger spending

Nassau Cruise Port bidder focused on increasing passenger spending
Emre Sayin, CEO of Global Ports Holding

Nassau Cruise Port bidder focused on increasing passenger spending

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The CEO of one of three companies vying to win approval for the redevelopment and management of the Nassau Cruise Port, on Sunday expressed that if successful, the company will collaborate with members of the business community –  especially those downtown – toward achieving goals tied to the port redevelopment process, mainly increasing cruise passenger spending.

“These include getting more passengers to come off the ships and into Nassau; getting them to spend more money in the port; and driving more hotel visitors and Bahamians downtown to support Bahamian businesses there,” said Emre Sayin, the CEO of Global Ports Holding.

Global Ports Holding is the world’s largest independent cruise port operator, now operating 17 ports in 9 countries, according to the company’s website.

The company’s CEO, who released a statement to Eyewitness News Online on Sunday, said in order for Downtown Nassau to become a true city centre, one must be strategic about its design, flow, function and operation.

“We know that there are local organizations that have plans in the works to help make this happen. We are very interested in partnering with all groups involved in this process.

“Downtown Nassau should be a world-class city centre, sharing its unique flavor with the everyone who lives and visits here.

“The Bahamian people deserve it and we are the team that can make that happen.  We have done it successfully around the world and can do it here too.”

The Ministry of Tourism announced  last week that three companies have submitted bids for the redevelopment and management of the Nassau Cruise Port.

The companies are Providence Advisors (representing Nassau port partners); Cruise Ports International Ltd, (representing cruise ports international,  Carnival, Disney, Norwegian & Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines); and Global Ports Holding Company.

Meanwhile there has been much talk of the government not consulting the public on the development of the Nassau Cruise Port before issuing request for proposals, or RFPs.

Concerns have also been expressed in some quarters about the government’s ability to be unbiased in the RFP process.

However, the Ministry of Tourism said last week that bids are to be reviewed by a committee comprised of public and private sector professionals.

On Sunday, the Global Ports Holding CEO said his company recognizes the potential of the Nassau cruise port to benefit not only Nassau, but also the other islands of The Bahamas, boosting the entire economy.

“For us, this project is not just about improving the port, but rather about how improving the port will serve as a catalyst for revitalizing the downtown core, rebranding Nassau as a destination, and bringing more people to The Bahamas,” he said.

Sayin continued, “While the cruise passenger arrival experience and improvements to the facilities are major factors in the success in each of the 17 ports that we currently manage, a big part of our job is also to support the people of each country where we operate. Currently, cruise lines prefer Nassau due to its proximity to major Florida ports. Our mission is to create a passenger demand-driven port from a convenience port.”

According to Sayin, The Bahamas is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world, and his company wants to help Bahamians to enhance that beauty, benefit from it and remind the world of it through creativity and innovation.

“We want to establish a genuine partnership with the people of The Bahamas, especially key stakeholders, in this transformative process. The time is now,” Sayin said.

 Global Ports Holding also revealed in its issued press statement that this year, six cruise ports managed by Global Ports Holding have been named as some of the world’s top cruise destinations by Cruise Critic, a leading industry review website.

Barcelona, Malaga, Venice, Lisbon, Singapore, and Havana were each selected as a ‘Top-Rated Cruise Destination’ in the Cruise Critic 2018 Cruiser’s Choice Destination Awards program.

The winning destinations were selected by cruise passengers through the Cruise Critic website.





Very crucial points. Whoever manages the port should focus on bringing passengers off the ship so that our small tradesmen will benefit. Otherwise I dont see the benefit of having more ships on the port

If we want to maintain our position as being the largest cruise destination, we should be very picky when it comes to managing the port. Obviously new owner should be independent and have good track record with global experience. Otherwise we Bahamians would not have the heart for a foreigner owning our port.

We are talking about one of the most important projects for our country for the last decades and i really hope the government will act quickly because we are falling behind in the competition

Agreed that Bahamas should be a demand driven destination rather than a convenient one! I’m sure we wouldn’t have half of today’s passengers if it weren’t for our proximity to Florida. Let’s make use of this more wisely.

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