MOU to strengthen partnership for natural disaster relief

MOU to strengthen partnership for natural disaster relief

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Nassau Cruise Port and the Ministry of Disaster Risk Management have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that solidifies their commitment to working together during times of natural disasters.

The landmark agreement reinforces Nassau Cruise Port’s dedication to being a responsible corporate citizen, playing an essential role in aiding relief efforts for the Bahamian people in times of crisis.

The MOU sets the framework for a seamless and coordinated response to natural disasters by facilitating the Ministry of Disaster Risk Management access to the piers at Nassau Cruise Port when needed. In times of hurricanes, storms, or other calamities, the port facilities will be made available to support the swift and effective deployment of humanitarian aid, medical supplies, and essential resources to the affected regions of The Bahamas.

“Nassau Cruise Port is deeply committed to being a reliable partner to the government and a vital resource for the Bahamian people during times of distress,” said Mike Maura Jr, CEO of Nassau Cruise Port.

“The country relies on partnerships in times of crisis. Those partnerships, when they are effective, planned properly and work for the interest of the country, serves the people best. We recognize the importance of collective efforts in disaster relief and recovery, and this MOU with the Ministry of Disaster Risk Management is the pledge of NCP’s commitment to stand ready for the call and to do what is needed to support the people of The Bahamas.”

By proactively partnering with the Ministry of Disaster Risk Management, Nassau Cruise Port aims to strengthen the overall disaster preparedness and response capabilities of The Bahamas. The port’s strategic location and well-developed infrastructure make it an ideal hub for emergency operations, enabling the efficient delivery of aid to impacted communities across the archipelago.

Mr Carl Smith, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Disaster Risk Management, expressed gratitude for the collaboration with Nassau Cruise Port, stating: “This partnership with Nassau Cruise Port is a significant step forward in strengthening our nation’s disaster response capabilities. This is a step forward in planning for disasters before they happen, and this MOU allows The Ministry of Disaster Risk Management to move more efficiently and effectively. We applaud the port’s dedication to the Bahamian people and their willingness to offer their facilities and resources during times of need.”

Nassau Cruise Port’s humanitarian efforts extend beyond disaster relief, with ongoing initiatives to support education, economy, and environmental preservation in The Bahamas. By fostering sustainable growth and development, the port seeks to make a positive and lasting impact on the communities it serves.