NAD reports ground-breaking airport travel this summer



Jan Knowles, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at the Nassau Airport Development Company.

Credits Atlantis, Baha Mar advertising for uptick

Airport arrivals usually experience a spike in travel during the summer, steep competitive advertising from Atlantis and Baha Mar have allowed for ground-breaking numbers at the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) this year.

Vice President for the Nassau’s Airport Development (NAD) Company Jan Knowles said the airport has experienced record-breaking numbers since December.

“In the month of March alone it was our busiest month in the history of the redeveloped airport,” Knowles said.

“We had 183,000 passengers and we count departures so you have to times that by two because the nature of our business is if a passenger arrives then they typically leave.”

While Knowles calculated brutal cold weather as a heavy factor for travelers, NAD’s President Vernique Walkine said heavy marketing from both Baha Mar and Atlantis are significant factors for the high numbers.

“This summer is looking to be strong,” Walkine said.

“We’ve seen a month by month in passenger numbers growth.”

“Over the winter season, Baha Mar and Atlantis demonstrated that they can co-exist very nicely as they draw their respective different audiences and customers.

“We’ve been very pleased to sustain that kind of growth for the year so far.”