Murder suspect claims bullet lodged in head

Murder suspect claims bullet lodged in head

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- A man accused of a recent murder told a magistrate he is not fit for prison because he had a bullet in his head and neck.

Stephon Davis, 23, of East Dennis Court, Yellow Elder Gardens, was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt today for the murder of Anthony Wright last month.

Wright was killed in a drive-by shooting as he stood in front of a residence on First Street, Coconut Grove, September 15.

Davis was not required to enter a plea and was denied bail.

He did not have legal representation, and later told the chief magistrate he was beaten in the back of his head while in custody at the Central Detective Unit (CDU).

Davis further claimed to have a bullet in his head and neck due to an incident that occurred in January.

Ferguson-Pratt told the defendant she will make a note of his complaint so that he can be medically examined; however, she told the accused his prison placement will be left to the discretion of the commissioner of The Bahamas Department of Corrections.

Davis ’ mother wept loudly outside the court as police officers escorted her son out of the Nassau Street complex.

Last Tuesday, Eduardo Carey, 40, was also arraigned before the chief magistrate for the same murder, including the December 15, 2018 murder of Ryan Butler and the August 25, 2019 murder of Justin Davis.

Carey was also charged with three counts of attempted murder for two separate shooting incidents.

He was also not required to enter a plea and was denied bail.

Davis and Carey were both remanded to The Bahamas Department of Correctional Services until December 5, when the Crown will proceed by way of voluntary bills of indictment.