Munroe: RBDF officers must seek permission to resign or face imprisonment

Munroe: RBDF officers must seek permission to resign or face imprisonment
Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe

NASSAU, BAHAMAS —National Security minister Wayne Munroe yesterday warned that Royal Bahamas Defense Force officers must receive permission to resign or face possible imprisonment.

He was asked to respond to claims that some 200 officers had threatened to resign.

“No I’m not aware of that,” Munroe said. 

“Any member of the RBDF can seek my permission to resign if they do not get my permission to resign and do not show up to work they would be considered absent without leave and will probably be imprisoned for that offense.”

Yesterday, RBDF Commodore Raymond King said the organization’s attrition rate is within its normal 3.5 percent range.

“There’s no mass exodus of any kind, that I’m aware of that would have crossed my desk,” King said.

“I’ve monitored the numbers and it’s within the 3.5 percent.”

In September, King said another 3,000 are needed to bolster the organization as he announced aggressive recruitment measures.

King said 125 people were expected to begin training by mid-October, adding that about 45 people leave annually.

He said the reasons for leaving are multifaceted; however, a large amount of those exiting tend to seek other means of work while others seem to be dissuaded by the RBDF efforts to disperse marines and officers across the archipelago.

The RBDF currently consists of about 1,900 individuals.

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