Mother to sue PMH after alleged mishap

Mother to sue PMH after alleged mishap

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The family of 37-year-old Vernique Nairn alleged on Wednesday that staff at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) are responsible for her death and they are planning to take legal action against the public facility.

Nairn died last May 2017, after she was in and out of hospital and later diagnosed with stage four cancer.

Nairn’s mother, Dorothy Miller, told Eyewitness News Online that the 37-year-old was starting a new job in 2014 and required a medical certificate.

Following a doctor’s examination, Miller explained that Nairn was advised to seek further tests at the Princess Margaret Hospital. Doctors there, she alleged, advised her daughter that she needed a hysterectomy.

“After that surgery she continued to have complications and pain, in and out of Accident and Emergency every few weeks, until she had to have another emergency surgery where they took a part of her organ for testing,” Miller recalled.

She added that they waited several weeks for results that never came.

“After making several inquiries, one of the doctors got tired and told us that they have to be upfront with us and tell us that the specimen taken for testing was destroyed because they placed it in the wrong solution,” Miller alleged.

“From then on it was a guessing game. We had very little options and one of them was 12 rounds of chemotherapy so we went with that.”

The grieving mother said following treatment her daughter was given a clean bill of health but shortly after the symptoms returned.

Another surgery revealed 20 tumors, of which five of them were malignant.

“They had to remove her entire intestine and they give my daughter four to six months to live, and in four months she was dead.”

Miller said she believed if the specimen removed from her daughter was tested and conclusive results were given, her daughter might have had a different outcome.

She said she is speaking out in the hopes that something like this does not happen to another family.

Eyewitness News Online attempted to reach PMH officials for comment on this matter, however our inquiries were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, the family is planning to take legal action.