Mother recounts terrifying ordeal of son’s alleged abduction

Mother recounts terrifying ordeal of son’s alleged abduction

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – It was a terrifying 45 minutes for a 23-year-old mother of five who said she was inside cooking dinner on Wednesday when she was told that her son was kidnapped while playing basketball just a foot away from their home.

As of today, police are still searching for a woman who allegedly kidnapped the eight-year-old boy who was playing basketball on a park on Wednesday evening.

The boy’s disappearance marked the third child abducted in the country in the past three weeks and was the second to occur this week.

“Someone came to my gate and said my son was gone; say some ladies in a car take him,” the mother recalled.

“I went to the gate and started screaming his name and then me and my brothers and my sister went looking for him…,” the mother said.

After her son was found, the mother said, “He said the women didn’t touch him. When I went to the station they told me and the hospital told me [that] after they examined him, nothing was wrong and he is a smart boy and said no one touched him, he would have told me.”

Police reported that shortly after 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, the child was taken from a park on Emmanuel Drive off Solider Road by a female in a grey vehicle. A short time later, the child was dropped off at Tonique Williams-Darling highway near the entrance of the city dump.

Police said the child had no apparent injuries and was examined by a doctor who said he was in good health.

But yesterday, a neighbour who lives adjacent to the park where the boy was allegedly abducted gave her account of what transpired.

“He [the boy] said it was a Passo with a couple women but we don’t know if it was men dressing like women or what, but I know my kids won’t be going back on that park,” the neighbour claimed.

The neighbour also alleged that the parents had no idea that their child was missing.

“The police had to come and find the parents and tell them they found the boy. She didn’t know her son was missing until someone tell him,” the neighbour alleged.

The mother, however, denied those allegations.

“Either they with me or they at the church taking up some kind of activity,” the mother said.

“I do not let them go far, that is not true.

“I always have my kids with me.”

When contacted, officer in charge of the Central Detective Unit, Chief Supt. Solomon Cash confirmed that police never received a missing child report and were only alerted to the incident after the child was found.

Yesterday, police reminded parents and guardians to talk to their children about communicating with strangers, and to ensure that children are in the company of responsible adults at all times.


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