Mother of abandoned baby still AWOL

Social Services minister says primary concern ‘best interest of the child’

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Officials are still pleading for the mother of the four-day-old baby boy found abandoned on Saturday to come forward.

Minister of Social Services Frankie Campbell told reporters yesterday that they are still waiting on the Public Hospitals Authority to transfer care to the Social Services Department.

The baby is being cared for at the Children’s Ward at Princess Margaret Hospital at this time.

“If the mother is located and gets the necessary medical attention, there’s no reason why she ought not be able to claim her baby, aside from whatever the other agencies may be concerned about,” Campbell said.

“As for us, we’re usually concerned about children being with their parents. We’re usually concerned about what’s best for the child and that is what we’ll do in the case of this child.”

Police reported late Saturday afternoon that the newborn was discovered in an abandoned building off East Street shortly after 11am.

An anonymous caller reportedly told police that construction workers found the child wrapped in a blanket while at the Church of the Nazarene.

Asked whether legal action will be taken on the mother if she decides to come forward, Campbell said, “We are never concerned about the legal action, that is why I spoke what other agencies may it may not do.

“But as for us, our primary concern is for the best interest of the child and we usually believe that that rests with the biological parents, unless there’s some circumstance to suggest otherwise.”


Suggestion reference to the mother going awol in connection with the abandoned newborn. There is a record of each and every mother whether or young is at a clinic where the person is attending a physician. Fir future references when this kind of thing happens, all clinics including private should be visited to ascertain information on the expectant mother narrowing the investigation, in the event the mother does not attend clinic, have someone go in each neighbourhood and solicit information as to any females who might be expecting. Obce that information is received further investigations should gone on henceforth a database should be kept with all expectant mothers, age, sex, address and phone contacts.

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