MOTA launches revamped website

MOTA launches revamped website
A still from the promotional video shown on the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation's revamped website. (PHOTO: BAHAMAS.COM)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — As the Islands of The Bahamas continue to welcome back international visitors ahead of the holiday season, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation (MOTA) has relaunched with new features and functionalities allowing travelers to easily plan their next vacation.

The new, user-friendly interface includes tools to promote key passion points for travelers, such as romance, meetings and events and adventure.

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism logo. (FILE PHOTO)

Minister of Tourism and Aviation Dionisio D’Aguilar said: “We are excited to bring the new and improved to consumers right now and provide them with a streamlined way to plan their next trip to The Bahamas.

“The new features will help future travelers discover the hidden gems of our islands.”

Tourism Director General Joy Jibrilu noted: “ provides consumers with a first look at all that our islands have to offer. We are thrilled to introduce the relaunched site and share our islands and stories with the world.”

According to a statement by MOTA, the new features on the website include:

“Itinerary planner — travelers eager to make the most of every minute of their time in The Bahamas can utilize the itinerary planner on While planning their itinerary, users can view sample itineraries to inspire their own. Through the trip planning software, HipTraveler, future travelers can select favorite hotels, restaurants and attractions on the website to build out their itineraries and book experiences.

“Discover your next adventure — throughout, consumers will see the ‘Discover Your Next Adventure’ function, which highlights experiences similar to their interests. The function serves to encourage travelers to explore more of The Bahamas’ islands and cays. Additionally, users will find blog content providing an inside look at the experience or destination.

“Experiences — the experiences function introduces consumers to a detailed list of The Bahamas’ offerings. From fishing and diving to culture and landmarks, potential travelers can learn more about activities specific to their interests and add those experiences to their itineraries.”

MOTA also said those visiting the website will “find more user-friendly versions of previous functions, including island overviews, information on hotels and activities and current deals”.

“Through new and streamlined functions, travelers can easily plan how they’re getting to The Bahamas, whether that is by plane or sea,” it said. “Travelers should check the status of their island destination before travelling, by visiting”