Moree: Attendees of court complex party faced “disciplinary proceedings”

Moree: Attendees of court complex party faced “disciplinary proceedings”
Chief Justice Brian Moree. (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Chief Justice Brian Moree confirmed yesterday that disciplinary action was taken in relation to a party that took place inside the Magistrates Court complex on July 9.

“We did conduct an inquiry into that matter from the point of view of our court staff,” Moree said during a virtual press conference.

“The issues relating to the police were of course dealt with by the commissioner of police.

“We made certain conclusions and identified the causes for that incident.

“Appropriate disciplinary proceedings or action was taken.”

Footage of the event, which showed men and women not wearing masks or physically distancing, and dancing on one another, made the rounds on social media.

Moree said new protocols implemented should prevent a reoccurrence of such incidents.

“The new protocols that we have put in place strictly prohibits the use of courtrooms or indeed any rooms or offices in the Magistrates’ Court for public events or social events without following now a dedicated procedure, which involves an application; it involves the approval; it involves appointing a senior court officer to preside over those proceedings and it also involves oversight to ensure adherence with strict physical distancing requirements.

“So, we do not expect a reoccurrence of that event and Mrs Grant, our new court administrator in the Magistrate’s Court, is fully engaged in that regard.

“And I don’t think the public will see that happening again.”

Yesterday, Moree announced the appointments of Constance Delancey as the senior court administrator in the Office of the Judiciary; and Alphanette Grant as the court administrator.

“These are important administrative appointments because they will allow us now to develop the institutional capacity within the judiciary in order to implement our reform and modernization program,” Moree said.

The chief justice said he also intends to appoint a court administrator for the northern region and advised that numerous candidates are being considered.