More than 400 job seekers attend Carmichael Road job fair

More than 400 job seekers attend Carmichael Road job fair
Labour Director, Robert Farquharson.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — More than 400 job seekers attended the latest Labour on the Blocks 2.0 job fair this weekend, according to Labour Director Robert Farquharson, who noted that one employer sought to hire as many as 100 persons.

Farquharson said the job fair at the Flamingo Gardens Park was extremely successful.

“Up to 10 pm Friday over 350 persons had pre-registered,” he said.

“The first job seeker arrived at the fair at 7am Saturday. The doors opened at 9am. We had almost 40 employers there. We had a number of training agencies such as the National Training Agency and Cyber Tech at the job fair for persons looking to gain additional skills,” Farquharson said.

He continued: “There was one company that came looking to hire 100 persons. We don’t know how many were hired but we know they are they were seeking to hire 100 persons.  There were a significant number of persons who were hired from various companies. We were very pleased with the turnout, particularly among the young people that came properly attired with all their necessary documents for their interviews.”

Farquharson confirmed that more than 400 persons attended the job fair.

“The Department of Labour in conjunction with the Carmichael community worked tirelessly to have this job fair completed on time and on schedule,” he said.

“On March 26th we will have a job fair at the Department of Labour’s Rosetta Street Office with a new company called ‘I Dream of Sugar’ which is looking to hire 80 persons.  On April 1st, we will have a job fair in the Free Town community at the Pilgrim Baptist Church  Church on St James Road. There is also another job fair set for June 1st in the Fox Hill community,” said Farquharson.